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Ready to inspire your audience? Contact me to book a keynote speaking engagement and learn more about how WhoU can support you in your dating journey.

Keynote Speaking by Elizabeth Marshall

Welcome to WhoU, where we support you in starting your next chapter with confidence and clarity. My journey to creating WhoU began as a divorced mom and hardworking professional facing the daunting world of modern dating. Like many, I found it time-consuming, overwhelming, and often disheartening. I wished for a guiding hand to navigate this new landscape—and that's exactly what WhoU aims to provide for you.

About Me:

  • 25 Years of Personal Coaching: With decades of experience, I bring a wealth of knowledge and insight to my coaching sessions, helping individuals rediscover themselves and build meaningful connections.

  • 4 Years of Consulting for Singles: Specializing in services for single, divorced, and widowed men and women, I have dedicated years to understanding the unique challenges faced by those re-entering the dating world.

  • Advanced Leadership Certification: My advanced training in leadership equips me to inspire and guide others effectively.

  • Event Development and Hosting: I have successfully developed and hosted face-to-face dating events, creating authentic and enjoyable experiences for singles.

  • Group Leadership: I lead relationship and dating discussion groups, fostering open and supportive environments for sharing and growth.

WhoU's Unique Approach:

WhoU is a community-minded dating company that combines the best of authentic in-person events with the ease of online connection. Our innovative approach flips the traditional online dating process upside down. Participants first meet in person at one of our dynamic events and then continue to connect via messages in our private WhoU Facebook group. This method encourages genuine connections beyond just romantic interests—whether you make new friends, expand your professional network, or find a romantic partner, it's a win-win!

Keynote Speaking Services:

Drawing from my extensive experience and the unique WhoU methodology, I offer keynote speaking engagements that are both inspiring and practical. Topics include:

  • Navigating Modern Dating: Tips and strategies to overcome the hurdles of online and real-world dating.

  • Building Confidence: Empowering individuals to approach dating with self-assurance and positivity.

  • Creating Authentic Connections and community: Techniques for fostering meaningful relationships in a digital age.

  • Growth Mindset in Dating: Applying growth mindset principles to personal development and dating.

  • Personalized Promotion: Tips for creating the best online first impression.

My keynote presentations are perfect for conferences, workshops, corporate events, and community gatherings. I aim to provide audiences with actionable insights, motivation, and a renewed perspective on dating and relationships. Join me for an engaging and transformative experience. 

Contact Me Today:

Ready to inspire your audience? Contact me to book a keynote speaking engagement and learn more about how WhoU can support you in your dating journey.



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