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Frequently Asked questions

Are you interested in meeting area singles but aren’t sure if our events are for you? Read on!  Here, I answer many of the questions men and women ask.

What are the events like?

Low pressure is the focus! Almost every participant reports being nervous before attending. The comfort in this is that everybody is in the same vulnerable boat. The tone of the event is designed from start to finish to enable you to relax and sink into your joyful and authentic self while enjoying getting to know other men and women. From the moment you enter the event, we have organized activities and conversation starters to keep you engaged and chatting. We encourage participants to come open to meeting new friends, expanding their professional network and of course potentially meeting that special someone. It’s all a win! 

What do we mean by a professional?

There are several definitions of professional but here we are refering to a person engaged in a specified activity as one's paid occupation rather than a pastime.

What is speed dating like and how do I connect with people after the event? 

During our speed dating rounds, participants move from one table to the next, every 5 minutes introducing themselves to other single participants. We provide optional conversation prompts to get conversation started. Following the event, we email the group a list of participants and the contact information they provided. We also encourage participants to join our private Facebook community. From there, you can message other group members, share an event/ activity you’re going to and encourage others to join you and start discussions. You also have the choice to be proactive at the event and let someone know you enjoyed chatting and would like to again. Get their number or line up a date on the spot.


Should I come if I haven’t tried any of the activities before? 

Many events offer a different activity following speed dating (trivia, scavenger hunt, dancing, ball game). This creates a secondary avenue to continue to chat but in a slightly different way. Imagine meeting your friends and the activity is sort of your first time out with the gang. While some activities might feel new or intimidating such as dance or ax  throwing, there is no need for prior experience. It is really just another way to create space to mingle.


Can I register and pay at the door? 

No. It is important to sign up in advance. This helps us prepare and assures that you receive the pre & post event email information and participant contact info.  

Waitlists & are the events balanced (men/women)? 

WhoU works to provide a consistent quality of event. I will not host an event if I don't have at least  10 women and 10 men and the numbers are balanced.  Events tend to average between 20-40 participants with 40 being the max in order for there to be enough time for everyone to meet during our speed dating rounds. To assure the numbers are balanced, I will sell 12 tickets to women and men to begin. Women typically purchase ahead of men and so in order to assure that we have a balance, once I have sold all of those first release tickets for women, I will start a waitlist. Once the numbers balance I will begin releaseing 5 tickets at a time to the first women on the Eventbrite waitlist until the event.  Having a waiting list assures that those interested are able to get in line to attend when tickets become available.  


Even with all of this, there are always challenges to balancing. Someone may get sick or nervous and not attend. We ask that participants let us know so we can let someone else attend, but this does not always happen. If this is the case, you may have a round our two that might be solo. This is a good time to visit the restroom or get another drink.

What if there are so many participants, that I don't have time to meet everyone? 

This is a great problem to have but one you can solve. If are numbers are higher than 30, it is possible that we don't have time to meet everyone during the speed dating rounds. I would suggest coming on time to ensure that you can participate in our first mixer activity where you can organically chat with participants that you are interested in. You may also select your own group during our large group activity with participants you have not had time to chat with. Finally, stick around for the afterparty and mingle and seek out anyone you have not chatted with.

Can I get a refund if I don't attend

If the event is canceled due to not enough sign ups, yes! We will provide a refund in full.  However, if the event is not canceled and you get nervous or sick, we can forward your ticket to the next event of your selection or you can transfer your ticket to a friend for this or any other future event. 

What If someone attends that I am uncomfortable with? 

Our pre-event survey asks you to list anyone you may feel uncomfortable running into at our events. If that person then registers, we will let you know and refund your ticket.


If you run into a co-worker you talk with daily or someone you have gone on a date with (didn't work out),  you both may just maturely decide to skip this particular speed-dating round and simply say to the other that you are going to refresh your drink or take the opportunity to use the restroom.

What should I wear? 

While each event has a bit of a different feel, Comfort is important. Find an outfit you feel confident in and that is the right outfit for this event. Some participants wear jeans and a nice shirt and others wear a dress or suit. Contact WhoU, if you want help shopping for a new look for an event. Check our services page for our personal shopping service.

Do you have more questions I didn’t answer? Please contact us with your question.

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